♦  Computer Design ♦  Planting
♦  Lighting ♦  Prunning and Trimming
♦  Mulching ♦  Hardscaping
♦  Spring/Fall Clean-Up ♦  Transplanting
♦  Bed Edging ♦  Sod Installation
♦  Custom Stone Work   ♦  Snow Removal

Computer Design

Our Computer Design process can show you what your project will look like after it is installed. All plants will be labled for your convenience. This is a unique service but seems to be very helpful.


Whether your landscape is a blank canvas or a work in progress, we make your dreams a reality by identifying the right vegetation for your property’s terrain, soil type, and exposure. New Look Landscaping will help you identify the best native or hybrid plants, perennials, or annuals depending on your taste and vision.


Completely change the look and safety of you house and landscape. We will design a plan for your specific needs consisting of the fixtures necessary, the wiring diagram, and the appropriate path to run wiring. We will install your system using the most reliable transformers available. These transformers are responsible for delivering the appropriate power to your light fixtures.

Prunning & Trimming

Depending on your landscape and plant material, pruning will be done at the correct times of the year to fit their specific needs. Our visit will include shearing and hand pruning. We will focus on maintaining appropriate plant size and shape, removing dead and damaged wood, and pinching to promote fuller plants with more blooms. If you have specific instructions for particular plants, let us know and we can accommodate you.


We apply a variety of mulches, but all are weed seed free, and of high quality. Ther are organic mulches available as well as dyed. They can be applied in the spring, fall, or anytime of the year.


Pavers are the most popular group of new materials and they are available in many different shapes, colors, and sizes to suit nealy any application. Adding to the popularity of paver systems, is the fact that these projects are completed as systems and are extremely durable. We have completed many hardscape projects big and small, and we can make your patio dreams come to life.

Spring/Fall Clean-Up

Spring - Debris from trees, shrubs, and matted grass are removed with blowers and rakes. Materials, such as leaves, twigs and thatch are removed so that the landscape beds are ready for edging and mulching and the turf is groomed to prepare for the growing season.


We are capable of relocating most shrubs, trees, and perrenials.  Before you decide to cut down your tree, you do have the option to move it.

Bed Edging

We have several different bed edging machines that will give you a professional edge bed look.

Sod Installation

For instant gradification we can transform your lawn into instant green, just add water!

Custom Stone Work

We do install stacked stone walls, boulders, stone steps and/or pathways with natural stone.

Snow Removal

Our snow and ice management services are provided with the same high level of customer service and expert knowledge as our landscaping maintenance. We understand the importance of delivering the efficient and reliable snow and ice service you'll need during and after winter storms.